Unmanned Cargo Aircraft changes the logistic value chain

Nowadays, thousands of Unmanned aerial vehicles are in use worldwide, and one fast growing application is in transportation / logistics: Unmanned Cargo Aircraft (UCA).

It is clear that UCA can be cheaper and more productive than other means of transport, and are suitable for low-volume cargo streams for which the use of manned aircraft is uneconomical. But which developments can we expect in the near future? Which markets could benefit from UCA? What should a UCA look like? And will aircraft manufacturers invest in UCA technology?

The Unmanned Cargo Aircraft Systems can be divided into four segments:

  • Military Systems
  • Long Range / Medium-High Payload Systems
  • Specialised/Irregular Delivery Systems
  • Urban Delivery Systems

On May 26, 2016, the third international edition of the Unmanned Cargo Aircraft Conference brought specialists from all over the world together to assess the potential of UCA and discuss these questions. Professionals in logistics, aircraft manufacturers, regulators, system developers and airlines were present at the conference, benefiting of full of opportunities to network, share knowledge and create new partnerships. Many international speakers presented their views around all aspects of UCA.

The following topics were covered:

  • Experience with UCA (military / civil)
  • Research & Development on UCA
  • Legislation / Regulation
  • New opportunities / business models with UCA

Find more about the 2016 edition.

Join the conversation
Anyone who is interested in where Unmanned Cargo Aircrafts will take us and who wants to increase his or her network in this field, should take this opportunity to join us in the conversation and enrich other professionals with their knowledge and experiences.

Who should attend the next edition?
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Unmanned Cargo Aircraft

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